How to Replace a Low Beam HID Bulb on an Accord

How to Replace a Low Beam HID Bulb on an Accord. The low beam on the HID lights of an Accord should be checked twice a year to make sure that they are working right. Obviously, if you experience a burn out on the bulb at night, you'll know when to change the bulbs. When replacing the bulbs, get the correct HID bulb for the Accord. You'll need the part number stamped on the bottom of the Accord's old HID bulb. Take this to a dealership to get the new bulb.

  • Step 1

    Open the hood and remove the electrical connector to the HID ballast.

    Step 2

    Remove the retaining clip on the bulb by pulling up on it.

    Step 3

    Turn the bulb counterclockwise to unlock it from the bulb housing and remove the bulb from the housing.

    Step 4

    Insert the new bulb into the housing. Align the tabs on the bulb with the notches in the housing and turn the bulb clockwise to lock the bulb assembly into the housing.

    Step 5

    Slide the retaining clip back over the bulb and reconnect the electrical plug to the ballast.


  • Do not touch the headlight bulb glass with your bare fingers as this will cause the bulb to explode inside the housing once the bulb reaches normal operating temperature.