Change the fuel filter on your Chevy Cavalier at least once a year for better engine performance.

How to Change a Fuel Filter in a Chevy Cavalier

Last updated July 10, 2014

How to Change a Fuel Filter in a Chevy Cavalier. The fuel filter on your Chevy Cavalier is very reliable for the most part. However, small dirt particles accumulating on the filter element reduce its effectiveness and may even chock the engine from lack of fuel in extreme cases. Here we will go through some simple steps to change the filter on your Chevy Cavalier. The procedure applies to the 2000 model, 2.2L engine, but others models are very similar.

Things Needed

  • Jack and 2 jack stands
  • Wrench set
  • Tubing wrench
  • Step 1

    Park the car in a safe place and remove the fuel filler cap to relieve tank pressure. Then open the hood, start the engine and let it idle.

    Step 2

    Relief the fuel system pressure. Remove the cover from the fuse box-power distribution block-located on the front, right-hand side of the engine and remove the fuel pump relay-the second relay after the first row of fuses. The inside back cover marks should identify this relay for you. Let the engine stall and crank the engine for three more seconds to consume the remaining fuel in the line.

    Step 3

    Raise the back of the vehicle using a jack and support it safely on jack stands.

    Step 4

    Locate the inline fuel filter. On most models, the filter attaches to the rear crossmember of the car, near the tank or along the frame rail.

    Step 5

    Grab the fitting on the feed line at the back of the filter-the line leading towards the fuel tank-and slightly twist the fitting back and forth to remove any accumulated dirt. Press on the fitting's tab and carefully push the fitting towards the filter and then pull away to disengage the line.

    Step 6

    Disconnect the engine feed line from the filter. Use a back up wrench to hold the line nut and use a flare or tube wrench to loosen and disengage the locking nut. Remove the filter from its mounting bracket.

    Step 7

    Apply a light coat of clean oil around the small inlet tube of the filter that connects to the fuel tank line. Set the new filter on its mounting bracket, making sure the arrow on the side of the filter case points towards the engine, and press the incoming fuel line against the small tube of the filter until the locking tabs of the quick-connect fitting snap in place.

    Step 8

    Install the engine fuel feeding line to the top of the filter using the back up wrench to hold the line nut in place and torque the locking nut 20 to 22 foot lbs. (27-30 Nm).

    Step 9

    Lower the vehicle, replace the fuel pump relay and fuel filler cap.

    Step 10

    Start the engine and check for leaks.


  • It is a good idea to replace the fuel filter at least once a year for better engine performance.


  • When working on the fuel system of your vehicle, make sure to park away from open flames like water heaters and dryers to avoid a possible accident.